PM Feature

   Time-saving, Material-saving & Low-cost

Powder metallurgy can execute stable-quality mass production, so we have extremely high productivity as well as process and cost saving. Its design features can be employed to directly produce irregular work piece, tooth parts and any kind of complex components, free of mechanical process.

  Precision HighSize Repetitiveness GoodSurface Smooth

The best preciseness quality can reach 0.01mm when using Metal Powdering technique to produce mechanical parts and the products have smooth surface. The quality is identical to the quality of the middle grinding level in traditional processing technique, and the only procedures are narrowed down to compressing and heating. In addition to its high preciseness, the Metal Powdering technique offers a production method which produces parts of almost the same size---with near-zero difference in size.

  Higher Lubricity

Powder metallurgy bearing has the features of high carbon content and porous structure different to the others. Its lubricity would become higher after soaking in lubricant.

  Mass Production

Using the powdering machine to make molding parts is much faster than using traditional cutting machines; thus, it is good for mass production.

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