Hsiang Sheng OEM develops a manufactures numerous powder metallurgy Sintering production including the Auto& Motorcycle parts, pump parts, Transmission Gear parts, machine parts, stainless steel hardware parts, filter and copper parts, sewing machine parts and Self-Lubrication Bearing…etc., is deeply affirmed by customers because of the high-quality.

          Auto & Motorcycle Parts                      Pump Parts                                          Gear Transmission Parts

Manufacture diversified Auto & Motorcycle Parts products including Engine Parts, Shock Absorber Parts, Timing Pulleys, Oil Pump Rotors, Ring Gear, and Reduction gears...etc.

Manufacture high-precise pump parts including Oil Pump Rotors, Pump, Pump Rotor, Pump Shaft, and vane pump...etc.

Extensively manufacture various wheel gears and Shaft coupling of vehicle engines and machine parts such as Chain Gears, Racks, Spur Gears, Bevel Gear and Timing Pulleys...etc.

          Machinery Parts                                  Stainless Steel Parts                            Copper Parts

Manufacture various machine hardware components that have complicated shape, process difficulty, and mass production.

Extensive manufacture various industry stainless steel parts such as generally industrial machine, farm machine, food pack machine, vehicle industry, knife industry, pneumatic and electric tool …etc.

The copper parts include various Bushing, Sleeves, and Bearing...etc.

         Sewing and Air tool Parts                    Filter and Oil-retaining Bearing                                                    

The industry and household various sewing production including coupling arm, Propel arm, balancing block, Transmission block and Wrist pole group etc.

Making use of porous principle can eliminate the noise caused by AIR high-speed flow and filter the solid impurities in AIR.

Oil-retaining Bearing can bear long-term oil-less running because it has numerous slight capillary holes that contain lubricant.


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